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The Garden on the Balcony

It was Tuesday evening, Dr. Elizabeth Strange was just back from the laboratory. Instinctively, she turned on the lights and then turned on some music. The apartment was filled with the melodious tones of Chamber music. Elizabeth worked as a genetic engineering research consultant. Her calling was a noble one, but involved long hours and high levels of alertness and accuracy. Her home, particularly her … Continue reading The Garden on the Balcony

SYW: Share Your World 1-21-19

Melanie from the sparks from a combustible Mind has asked these questions in the recent edition of Share your World What’s the closest thing you’ve experienced to real magic? The beauty of nature is truly magical. A rainbow, a sunset, even a spider’s web are all evidence of the magic of Creation. I wrote a post about the magical effect of changing seasons some time … Continue reading SYW: Share Your World 1-21-19

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Confessions of Dame Cough-A-Lot

Dame Cough-A-Lot is my new name for myself. This is because I have a persistent irritating cough. I have tried every possible remedy for it. It gets better but never really goes away. I have tried the following remedies: 1. Honey 2. Hot water and honey. 3. Lemon, hot water and honey 4.. Ginger, lemon, hot water and honey. 5. Clear soup 6. Lots of … Continue reading Confessions of Dame Cough-A-Lot

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Waking up with enthusiasm.

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you woke up with a surge of energy and enthusiasm (as opposed to days when you wake up with lethargy and depression). Did you ever have a morning when the birds are chirping (they always chirp in the morning, you are too groggy to notice) and the sun is shining brightly (it usually does in hot … Continue reading Waking up with enthusiasm.

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Another Mystery Blogger Award

Sadje of Keep it Alive has nominated me for Another Mystery Blogger Award. Thank you so much for this honor to my blog. I appreciate your nomination and recognition very much. Sadje is a prolific and popular blogger who has taken the blogosphere by storm. Do check out her blog. You will find it entertaining and uplifting. What is the Mystery Blogger Award? ‘An award … Continue reading Another Mystery Blogger Award

Robert's Inheritance antique books

Robert’s Inheritance

Robert Simms was a lowly bank clerk. He led a dull, humdrum existence.Every morning, he joined scores of others like him on the tube to town. From the tube station he caught a twenty minute bus ride to his bank. At the bank, he went through several of the formalities concerned with the counting, depositing and withdrawing of money. To Robert, these procedures concerning the … Continue reading Robert’s Inheritance