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My Blog’s Performance Over The Summer

My blog’s performance isn’t really something that I have thought about much. The basic reason I began to blog is that I have always loved to write, almost since I learned to write. I am one of those abnormal people who actually enjoyed writing school essays (though I hated lessons and home work as much as the average kid). I have been blogging for six … Continue reading My Blog’s Performance Over The Summer

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  I am sure, like me, you must often have been faced with the dilemma of the perfect gift for the perfect hostess (or the less than perfect gift for the not so perfect hostess). Taking a small token of appreciation is customary when going to a party or even a courtesy call. Yet, the search for the perfect hostess gift can at times be … Continue reading FINDING THE PERFECT HOSTESS GIFT

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Overcoming Decision Fatigue

What to do when Decision Fatigue sets in.   I read somewhere that the average person makes 35,000 decisions per day. This seems a very unlikely number so it must include some very small ones like which foot to put forward first. Whatever the actual number, modern life provides us with so many choices/options/alternatives that we are sometimes overwhelmed by them. This leads to the … Continue reading Overcoming Decision Fatigue

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Avoiding Decision Fatigue: 5 Preventive Measures That Really Work

Decision fatigue can kill motivation, hamper productivity and sabotage happiness. This makes it very important to prevent it from raising its ugly head. Good habits set so firmly in place that you don’t have to think about them are key to Avoiding Decision fatigue: Continue reading Avoiding Decision Fatigue: 5 Preventive Measures That Really Work

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Decision Fatigue: A Modern Malady

  “Keep your options open.” “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” “Explore all other avenues!” “Think of all the possible scenarios!” You are constantly bombarded by this kind of advice from parents, teachers, counselors, media persons; anyone and everyone you interact with. This conditions you to believe that a wide range of choice or diverse options are a good thing, rather, an essential … Continue reading Decision Fatigue: A Modern Malady

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Stress of Modern Living

Stress is a terrible thing that overpowers thought, senses and emotions. It brings in its wake anxiety, panic and loss of control: all emotions that can sabotage happiness. Here are five simple tips that, if practiced regularly, can become reflexes that can enable you to avoid stress: Pack loose Has this ever happened to you: You are travelling abroad tomorrow morning. It is 8 pm … Continue reading 5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Stress of Modern Living

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Cold Brew Coffee: A New Trend

Cold brew coffee is the latest fad to hit the world of coffee. Over the years, coffee has experienced many innovations in taste and method. The types of coffee around the world have arisen from differences in taste and preference. The preference in recent years has been to find healthier versions of old favourites. Cold brew coffee is part of this trend. What is cold … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee: A New Trend

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Cold coffee, Iced latte, Iced coffee, Frappe, Frappuccino, Iced cappuccino, Macchiato, Iced Americano, Café Freddo, Affogato, the variety of iced coffee beverages is bewildering. But first, picture this: Scenario 1 : You are sitting in your tiny cubicle at work. It is a hot, humid afternoon and the air conditioning isn’t working. It’s four pm and you have to hand in your report at five. … Continue reading ColdCoffee

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Five Important Reasons Why You Must Eat Watermelon This Summer

Watermelon is the most versatile of fruit and each part of it can be used. You can eat it on its own, or combine it with other fruit and vegetables to create a multitude of appetizing and healthful salads. You can drink it in smoothies, slush, or fruit water. It is used in facial scrubs and body washes. Even the seeds and rind are edible. Continue reading Five Important Reasons Why You Must Eat Watermelon This Summer