white elephant party 1 stuffed toy

The White Elephant Party, Dec. 6th.

The White Elephant Party  is a fun activity created by Theresa, the Haunted Wordsmith. She begins by giving three bloggers virtual gifts.

Each of the three recipients then gives gifts to three other bloggers. This way the giving and receiving continues like ripples on a pond.

Chris Hall of Luna’s on line sent me a very useful and thoughtful present. She also sent me a fun bonus gift. You can check out these presents by clicking this link.

My first present goes to Edmark Law, whose blog Learn Fun Facts is a mine of information.

For Edmark this bookcase of leatherbound volumes on all the subjects on earth.

white elephant party dec 6 bookcase leatherbound volumes

Happy reading Edmark !

The second gift for today is for a Jeanne in the Kitchen.

For her I have this big bowl of mixed fruit.

white elephant party dec 6th mixed fruit bowl

Let’s see what goodies you can whip up with these, Jeanne.

Today’s third present is for Megala of Megala’s Kitchen..

white elephant party dec 6 cake mixed fruit

Tis cake is to enjoy as dessert after your traditional Indian meal.

I hope you guys like your gifts and enjoy the party by sending gifts to people of your choice.

Do remember to link to The Haunted Wordsmith.

7 thoughts on “The White Elephant Party, Dec. 6th.

  1. I do love that bookshelf. I like visiting stately homes around the UK and I always envy their libraries. I’d love a library in my house, but I think it would look odd in a small semi-detached house. 🙂

    1. You could have a small library.
      Maybe one bookcase of your favourite books tastefully arranged.
      A comfy armchair/recliner, a good lamp or reading light: voila, your library.
      It doesn’t even have to be a room. A foyer,landing or alcove can suffice.

      Sorry for getting carried away.