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Cold Brew Coffee: A New Trend

Cold brew coffee is the latest fad to hit the world of coffee. Over the years, coffee has experienced many innovations in taste and method. The types of coffee around the world have arisen from differences in taste and preference. The preference in recent years has been to find healthier versions of old favourites. Cold brew coffee is part of this trend. What is cold … Continue reading Cold Brew Coffee: A New Trend


SMOOTHIES: Health In A Tall Glass

Smoothies come in all colours of the rainbow, all flavours in the world and can incorporate any ingredient under the sun. You can chuck just about any food into a smoothie as long as your blender or mixer can handle the texture. Dark coloured foods like strawberries, kiwifruit, spinach, beetroot, mango give lovely appetizing colours to smoothies. You can get the pickiest of picky eaters … Continue reading SMOOTHIES: Health In A Tall Glass


Caption: Irresistible   It is the attractive colour of strawberries that draws us to pick them up, inhale their heady scent and then put these lovely, juicy, bits of heaven in our mouth. We have derived so much pleasure, even before the first bite. But what prompted us to pop them? It was not the sweet tart taste, the freshness, the soft fleshy texture … Continue reading IS COLOUR ON THE MENU ?