treasure butterfly cosmos flower

Little things I treasure

Little things that mean a lot— Part IV Some things I treasure Beyond measure. A smile A kind word. Fresh muffins Tall lattes. A favourite book My comfy couch. Playful kittens Friendly babies. A butterfly A ladybird. Short queues Long chats. Old friends New ideas. A rainbow A sunset Little things I treasure Beyond measure.   Written for FOWC with Fandango : treasure You may … Continue reading Little things I treasure

The Blogger’s Dilemma

A cascade of ideas greets me, As I look through my (laptop) window. Should I point out life”s absurdities And make people laugh. Or tell them how to organise their lives, Their closets, their offices, and homes. Or should I let them have a glimpse Of the clutter in my own closets ? What should my next post be about, What would you like to … Continue reading The Blogger’s Dilemma

magical branch multicoloured leaves

Magical FOWC : Magical

It is magical, When one season changes imperceptibly into another. You cannot see the moment, Nor hold it in the palm of your hand.   When soft, shiny new leaves of spring, Appear on brittle and dry branches.   When the afternoon sun begins to scorch, But summer mornings are filled with the scent of jasmine.   When leaves turn golden, red and brown, Before … Continue reading Magical FOWC : Magical