The last will and testament.

It was a cold and foggy December morning but the library was warm and cosy.A cheery log fire burned merrily away. Several people were seated on the dining room chairs which had been arranged in a circle.Others were ensconced in the deep leatherarmchairs native to the library. A steady hum of conversation could be heard. Mr. Venable the solicitor cleared his throat. A deathly hush … Continue reading The last will and testament.

daily three dec 14 ducklings

Daily Three Dec. 14

Daily Fun Three is a really fun challenge created by Rory who blogs at A Guy Called Bloke. He poses sets of questions that are so much fun to answer. I was meant to be doing something else right now but I came across these questions that just had to be answered, they were so much fun. Name Three … Three of your childhood books? … Continue reading Daily Three Dec. 14

magical branch multicoloured leaves

Magical FOWC : Magical

It is magical, When one season changes imperceptibly into another. You cannot see the moment, Nor hold it in the palm of your hand.   When soft, shiny new leaves of spring, Appear on brittle and dry branches.   When the afternoon sun begins to scorch, But summer mornings are filled with the scent of jasmine.   When leaves turn golden, red and brown, Before … Continue reading Magical FOWC : Magical

ignorance is bliss question mark

“Is it better to know or is it better to not know?” Ignorance Is Bliss, or is it ?

Ignorance is bliss ,” they say. But they also say, “Forewarned is fore armed.” So who do we believe? What do we do? The statement “Ignorance is bliss, or is it?’ is a complete mirror image of the question, ” Is t is better to know or is it better to not know This debate of whether knowledge/prior knowledge is useful or not is probably … Continue reading “Is it better to know or is it better to not know?” Ignorance Is Bliss, or is it ?

daily three dec 14 ducklings

Daily three, Novmber 5th

Name Three … Cold things?   My nose My toes My fingers (all the above, when it’s cold. I know they aren’t things, but this isn’t home work; it’s a fun challenge).   Hot things? Okay. now I will behave: Tea,      Coffee     Soup..   Boy’s Names beginning with Z? Zachary       ZigZiglar       Zoolander Countries beginning with the letter G? … Continue reading Daily three, Novmber 5th

leisure woman on hammock

Looking for Leisure FOWC : ‘leisure’

I have always been Looking for Leisure. Leisure to read, And leisure to write. Leisure to watch autumn leaves fall to the ground, To watch kittens at play, And birds building their nests. Leisure to see my friends, Or at least call them everyday. Leisure to pick berries from hedgerows, And fruit from trees. Leisure to fill my basket with roses, Then arrange them lovingly. … Continue reading Looking for Leisure FOWC : ‘leisure’